1. Fuselage's Avatar
    I'm a bi-phone corporate user - I use a Fuze and an iPhone, only one of which plays well with my Redfly.

    My iPhone would truly kick email *** if I could hook it up to my Redfly and use the keyboard.

    The Redfly charges the iPhone already, I just need a driver.

    Regrettably, it would result in the demise (eBay sale) of my Fuze, but that's the price of progress.

    However, I suppose hell will be solidly frozen over when that happens...

    Except THIS article came out today.

    The writer states "Celio said it is working to get Redfly hooked up with Apple Inc.'s iPhone and Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry, as well as phones that run on the Symbian software and Google Inc.'s Android software."

    Is there hope?

    02-04-2009 10:05 PM
  2. ckj's Avatar
    Outed by the AP :)
    No promises yet, but there has been iPhone tinkerings going on in the dark corners of our offices. The more interesting question vs. "Is it possible?" would be, "Will Apple ever give system-level driver developers like Celio deep access into the iPhone's OS and I/O without making people jailbreak their phones?"
    02-04-2009 11:44 PM
  3. Bill R's Avatar
    I'm extremely glad to see your working on Blackberry support. I've been lusting over the Bold since I saw it.:thumbsup:
    02-05-2009 12:33 PM
  4. Fuselage's Avatar
    I'm jailbroke! I'll be your beta test iphonie boy!

    PS the fuze works fine on the Redfly - pretty darn happy with it.

    We give Redfly's and winmob phones to some of our salesmen out in the field - they can't screw it up the way they do a laptop.

    Some weeks they bring in a laptop that's had its entire OS replaced by viruses....

    02-05-2009 09:38 PM