1. drowe's Avatar
    I've been looking at finding a way to mount my Redfly in the car and came across this site. The mounts are their generic umpc/tablet mounts, but they are now listed as Redfly mounts :). I haven't ordered one and can't vouch for them, but I just thought it was cool that we are making our way into the 3rd party accessories market. Here is the Link.
    03-24-2009 12:12 PM
  2. badersk's Avatar
    It's a good price. It would work, I think, with any netbook sized device. I wish it had a better mounting system then velcro, but I might try one anyway. If I do I will post it here.
    03-24-2009 01:37 PM
  3. mknollman's Avatar
    I have been usng a mount for my laptop and now my redfly - for years I have used just velcro. It holds like a champ. I unfortunately can even vouch for it during minor collisions (30mph approx) - whoops not my fault.
    03-24-2009 04:12 PM