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    so for graduation im going to get a new winmo phone. How is the verizon touch pro with the redfly? ive seen some stuff on the RAM issues only 192 mb...but frankly im coming from a q9c so anything with over 12 mb's of free RAM is going to be amazing. is it a good one? or should i go for a different phone?
    03-31-2009 07:19 AM
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    There is a thread open right now about some issues with the TP (Touch Pro) as it is still in beta. I use mine every day - in fact, right now. I love it and it works much better than my Mogul (6800) ever did eventhough the Mogul is officially approved. You hit the nail on the head - it is all about processor and ram, and for vzw the TP is the best combo you can get. I have issues with BT connectivity, but other than that mine works flawlessy. Celio has worked out a lot of the bugs with touchflo 3d and have it well arranged to automatically turn off and on. With the newest driver and using their new "lossy" compression I see no lag with typing or screen loads whatsoever. I would say go for it. My only additional suggestion would be considered a cleaner rom than the factory installed one. If a "cooked" rom is not to your liking, the stock one is perfectly functional and is what Celio tests against.
    03-31-2009 05:34 PM
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    do u have the VZW touch pro? and if so how is the RAM issue? does live search maps work decently? and ive gone through the threadand it seems to be bluetooth problems and some other various stuff.
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    03-31-2009 06:02 PM