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    Here's what happens: I downloaded the latest WM6 Touchscreen cab from the Celio website, copied it to my phone, installed. It automatically reboots...

    ...the startup screen glows from dithered red-pink, slowly to light blue, and then eventually to white. The device is unresponsive during this entire time. It holds on a completely white screen, still unresponsive, and then eventually the device goes to sleep (screen turns off) and won't wake up.

    The only option at this point is to do a hard-reset and lose everything.

    I'm running a WM6.5 custom ROM. I'm guessing this is the problem? Can somebody tell me what the ROM needs to have in it in order to run the Redfly driver? I'm the one who cooked the ROM so I'm happy to change it. It is missing Enterprise and IPSECVPN packages. Does Redfly rely on these and then make your device unresponsive on reboot if it doesn't find them?

    Oh yeah, I totally understand that this was my own risk for installing on a WM6.5 ROM. I'm just interested in getting it working.
    Around this forum I've read that some custom ROMs work with Redfly, and some don't. What makes it work?
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    04-09-2009 11:15 AM
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    Okay, so I've got the driver installed on a custom WM6.1 ROM just fine. Is it just that the Redfly driver is completely incompatible with WM6.5? If so, when is WM6.5 support planned?
    04-10-2009 12:19 PM