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    I am currently using a Samsung i760 with my Redfly. I still like the i760 format -- esp., the slide-out thumbboard and separate number pad -- but I would like a unit with a faster processor and more memory. An improved i760 would be ideal but that's apparently not going to be available. For a number of reasons, I am effectively locked-in with Verizon.

    The three obvious Verizon upgrades would seem to be the Samsung Saga, the Samsung Omnia, and the HTC Touch Pro. I would like to hear the opinions of other forum members who have experience with these (or any other Verizon) units as to which is best for use with the Redfly. Also, for those who keep up with the 'buzz' about new phones, are there any units expected to be announced in the next several months that would likely be worth waiting for?

    04-14-2009 10:05 PM
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    Well, as far as the current generation of handsets goes - the Touch Pro is probably your best choice, especially if you are used to carrying a slider and like a physical keyboard like what you have on the 760. Unfortunately, you will lose your 9 key dialer on the front. The Touch Pro is the priciest, but I think it is worth it. My brother went from the 760 to the Omnia and has had it replaced more than once for problems with stability. He mentions not liking the interface and hates not having a keyboard. As soon as he can afford one, he says he is getting a Pro. I went from the i730 (still one of the best smartphones ever made) to the 6800 and then to the Touch Pro, and I have no regrets.

    I must say that out of the box, the Verizon Touch Pro was a little sluggish for me. I had to thin it out and do a little tweaking before it behaved. In the end, I went the custom rom route (as I had with my 6800 as well) and my Touch Pro is now VERY stable and VERY VERY fast. I know that the whole custom rom thing seems extreme and I also found myself wondering why it wasn't just perfect out of the box, but such is the world of windows mobile and we all love it and hate it for that reason. In the end, I use my Touch Pro with my Redfly every day - with the right rom (PM me if you need help, it really is easy to do) and the newest RF firmware it works like a dream.

    I have not looked on their site recently, but I have read in RSS feeds that VZW is also launching (or has launched) the Touch Diamond - which is a TP w/o a keyboard and thinner basically. That would be another option for you.

    As far as the next-gen of phones are concerned - it is said (again in RSS feeds) that Verizon will carry the Touch Pro 2 as early as June -http://www.htc.com/www/product/touchpro2/overview.html

    It is almost identical as far as processor and ram go, but adds a larger screen and keyboard and some nice interface tweaks as well as some really neat advancements in the touchflo interface. The only down-side I can see will be the even bigger price tag and the even bigger handset. But you may very well like bigger handsets. So, if you are not in a hurry - June is not too far off assuming it releases on time (this is Verizon - doubtful). The other upside to waiting is that Verizon will inevitably drop theprice on the Touch Pro just before or after the 2 comes out. You may just want to wait and get the Pro then and possibly save some coin. Decisions, decisions - at least this is a fun one.
    04-14-2009 10:43 PM
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    The Redfly ppl told me that the omnia/saga were the best from VZW in terms of working with the redfly. No screen disorders, fast, and ample memory...and where did u hear about VZW getting the touch pro 2 in june? tmobile is getting it in june...i doubt VZW would pick up a phone only 4 months after its announcement....itll prob be out on VZW middle of 2010 LOL.
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    04-15-2009 06:33 AM
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    Having extensively used all 3 of these phones, I would definitely stick with either the Saga or the Omnia as far as REDFLY compatibility is concerned. As mknollman has stated, the lack of a physical keyboard on the Omnia can be frustrating, but the REDFLY keyboard does make up for this to some extent. Personal preference as most here at Celio would suggest for Verizon would be the Saga. It is a very fast phone, works excellent with the REDFLY and doesn't share the issues seen on the Touch Pro.
    We really like the Saga here at Celio Corp. Hope this helps.

    Matt Primavera
    Test Engineer
    Celio Corp|REDFLY
    04-15-2009 11:15 AM
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    Although this thread is titled as it is - I would hesitate to pick your next device solely on how well is works with the RF. Remember, the whole point of this thing is as an accessory. Just take it as part of the big picture. I was not a big fan of the saga u the keyboard and screen are cramped. Just know that my TP works very well with the RF now that they have worked most of the bugs out of their driver. I would pick the winmo phone you like physically, because once they are on the RF winmo is winmo as long as it functions.
    04-15-2009 05:17 PM
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    thats what keeps bringing me back to the touch pro....
    04-15-2009 06:22 PM