1. CleveS's Avatar
    I have a Touch Pro, I don't use TouchFLO. I've noticed that REDFLY adds 2 items to Startup, AppSwitcher and REDFLY. Anybody know what these links do? I don't think they're always necessary. My guess is they're there to turn TouchFlo off & back on. I removed them and about the only difference I've found is I no longer get ARM11 errors.
    04-18-2009 02:12 PM
  2. mknollman's Avatar
    I do not believe that those links are TP specific as I used my RF 1st on a Mogul and they were still there. I think that those 2 apps in startup are simply the RF driver software that runs in the background - the appswitcher being the one that adds alt-tab switching, but I am not entirely positive of this. This would support your story though as if you did not have the RF software load @ startup then you would not get any arm errors it would cause.
    04-18-2009 04:15 PM
  3. CleveS's Avatar
    You're right about AppSwitcher, it enables alt-tab switching as you said. What I originally meant was that those 2 links were not required for REDFLY functionality. The actual REDFLY application runs as a service, \Windows\REDFLYSVC.dll. I noticed that if I removed those 2 links from Startup I don't get the errors & REDFLY connects much faster. I'd like the option to trade some functionality for reliability.
    04-18-2009 08:14 PM