1. stanip's Avatar
    For those who wants full screen for their word or excel documents on their phone, Documents to go is a good option (the only option at this point?).

    Love it when I run it on the redfly.
    07-06-2009 10:21 AM
  2. jwebb56's Avatar
    SoftMaker Office 2008 is another option. It's a pricey one but it provides a lot of features. Most phones though are probably not powerful enough to take full advantage of the capabilities.

    Someday MS will wake up and provide a Mobile Office package that is actually usable.
    07-06-2009 06:31 PM
  3. stanip's Avatar
    jwebb56, I tried softmaker office but found that their full screen still has the bottom bar there that I cannot get rid of... But their powerpoint has editing functions which I like.

    Docs on go has real full screen which I use alot for word & excel. But their ppt cannot be edited. :(

    Agree with your comment that MS needs to come up with something better than their current pocket office.
    07-08-2009 07:12 PM