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    There’s a new C8N accessory now posted to the REDFLY store. This REDFLY Media Cable (for use with iPod) simplifies the connections needed to get video from an iPod the REDFLY screen.

    While you can use the normal REDFLY Media Cable (universal) to display video on REDFLY from an iPod (together with Apple’s Composite AV Cable), you can end up with a bit of a messy spaghetti cord scenario. We had a lot of customers ask for just one cable. It took us a while to get through the "Made for iPod" certification process, but here it is finally.

    The REDFLY Media Cable (for use with iPod) provides a direct and streamlined method requiring only one simple cable. Plug one end directly into the iPod and the other end directly into the REDFLY Media Port on your REDFLY C8N.

    Click herefor more info on video and REDFLY.

    07-17-2009 04:57 PM