1. Velvis's Avatar
    I am aware I am running a custom rom but I figured I post that sometimes the Redfly disables the Tachi dialer on my touch pro, leaving the original dialer. I havent found a way to reenable it short of a hard reset.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    08-12-2009 01:55 PM
  2. ckj's Avatar
    Velvis, I'll check and get back to you. I don't believe there is an easy fix for this.
    08-13-2009 06:06 PM
  3. ckj's Avatar
    Yeah, you're out of luck with Tachi dialer. The REDFLY driver will force certain phones (the Touch Pro is one) to use our own WM dialer if the stock dialer on the phone is one that doesn't scale well when connected to the REDFLY.
    08-14-2009 04:53 PM
  4. Velvis's Avatar
    Thats fine, but shouldnt it revert the dialer back?
    or alternatively is there a way I can do it manually?
    08-14-2009 06:36 PM