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    I just got me a TytnII (i.e. Kaiser, with unbranded stock HTC ROM) a week ago after my last phone finally gave up. One of the main reasons for going for a TytnII was that I expected it to work well with the Redfly.

    Well, what happened after installing the RedFly driver is not so good: The phone (and Redfly) worked well after the reset after installing the driver. But the next time I reset the phone again it went completely crazy. Whenever I touched any button (even the reset button) it started dialling seemingly random phone numbers and the only way to stop it doing so was resetting the phone again. The first time I was forced to do a hard reset because it would even start dialling when I opened the start menu. I twice tried installing the driver again, with the same results (but somehow I was then able to uninstall it again).
    After uninstalling the driver, this problem was instantly gone.

    I've done some searching the web but haven't found anyone reporting similar problems. I somehow suspect this to have something to do with the dialer as the Redfly driver replaces the HTC dialer with the standard Windows mobile dialer which doesn't seem to work as intended, even before restarting.

    Basically, the way it is, I can't use the Redfly because I'd have to install the driver every time I want to use it and uninstall it after usage and because that carries the risk of having to hard-reset the phone every time.

    I'm using the 163 driver and firmware on a German language phone. As said above, I'm using the stock HTC ROM with no modifications to it...
    08-17-2009 08:34 AM
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    Not having any problems with my att branded tilt on either the 163 or the current beta driver.
    08-17-2009 10:44 AM
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    The TytnII and Tilt usually work identically and are some of the most solid phones with the REDFLY. Something very odd is going on as I've never heard of this or seen it in person.

    BengtBeier, I'd call/email tech support and have them get started on the problem. You can call 1-888-4REDFLY or email support@celiocorp.com

    If you are outside of the U.S. and would rather have support call you, send me a message through the WMexperts system with your contact info and I'll have someone reach out to you ASAP.
    08-17-2009 02:29 PM
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    Well, I've tried digging deeper into the problem. Initially I thought it was actually dialling random numbers and that it might somehow have something to do with the fact that the driver replaces the HTC dialer with the original windows dialer (both of which is most likely not the case). Therefore I've made several changes to the phone's configuration and see what happens.

    So, here are some observations:

    1. The change that somehow leads to the strange behaviour seemingly only comes to effect after the second reset of the phone. After installing the driver, the phone is reset once (as part of the installation procedure) and works flawlessly the first time around. So it seems to have something to do with a change that is effected after the reset after installing the driver.

    2. The Redfly works perfectly well the first time after installing the driver. It also doesn't make any difference whether the standard Windows Dialer is enabled or the HTC dialer.

    3. Even after re-starting the phone a second time, I can still connect it to the Redfly and type on the Redfly without any problems. I can't however press any hardware buttons on the phone or one of the respective buttons on the Redfly else it starts going havoc.

    4. It's not actually dialling a phone number as I thought initially but it rather seems as if a series of key commands was sent to whichever text field happens to have the focus. When I open a new Word file or Notes file and press a hardware button afterwards, the commands will be sent to this Word/Notes file. While the commands sent to the dialler actually look like a phone number, they just look like complete gibberish when sent to a text field.

    5. It's not a random number/command as I thought initially but it's actually always the same command - no matter which button is pressed before.
    On the dialer, the "number" starts with 0098000307#070903070003000034w00972009p8200920009#0092098#600082... (after this point it becomes to quick to be readable and then crashes).
    For the command sent to a text file, see the file attached (well, it seems to contain data that can't be stored in a text file).

    6. Contrary to my first post, the phone is not actually running WM 6.0 but was updated by the previous owner to HTC's official 6.1 ROM.
    08-23-2009 08:19 AM