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    I've got one problem with several Win mobiles when connected to Redfly, and that is white text on white background in the ToDay screen.

    There is an Adapt.xml file with a lot of settings for when you connect and disconnect Redfly and I'm sure you could add something in this file to correct this problem.

    Now to the questions:

    Does anyone have a documentation on this file?

    Does anyone know what registry entries handles the settings for such things as text colour, background colour and so on?

    Ok, for those who are interessted, I've found which settings that are involved.
    It's all in [Mobile Device\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Color] and the new keys should be DWORD.
    The values are found here and I think they are valid for Winmobile 6.* also.

    Lasse T
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