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    I have had my Redfly for about a year now. I continue to use it regularly on my Sprint Touch Pro 2 (using an older Redfly driver with a few mods - see sig).

    Any who... The work I do really requires me to get email more readily, and with no option to get it sent to my personal device, I ended up with a Blackberry Bold 9650.

    NOTE: Read the Tips provided by Redfly before diving into using it with your Blackberry.

    INSTALL: (4/5)
    Since the Bold is running BB OS 5 (something), I thought it was worth a shot trying it out. I downloaded the Blackberry driver/app through http://m.celiocorp.com/install. After the download and install, there will be several pop-up warnings that the Redfly app is trying to change settings. I accepted and "ok'ed" all of these messages. The annoying thing is any time you restart your BB or the App, you will have to accept the same warnings again and again. It only takes a couple of seconds, but it does not provide the instant-on of WM. However, I digress...

    DISPLAY: (3/5)
    I don't have any screen shots, but the screen will stretch to fit the Redfly's screen, so the graphics are not nearly as sharp as when using the 'Fly with WM. I do give a little extra credit for the ability to work with a phone whose hardware/software is completely different than what the Redfly was intended to work with. If only more news/developments were coming out about this company!!!

    The normal trackball (or optical tracking) control is replaced with the touch pad on the Redfly. This seemed to work just as smoothly as the track control on the phone, so no complaints here. One thing I did do was adjust the track speed in the Redfly settings. I moved mine up to 7 from the default 5 which greatly improved the response. The keyboard on the Redly utilizes the Left and Right keys as substitutes for the Menu and Back keys on the BB. The Send/End keys also seem to function properly. All of the other keys for text input work just fine.

    WEB BROWSING: (1/5)
    This is the one thing that did not work well for me at all! I couldn't scroll down to save my life! Celio Corp.'s tips say to try Ctrl+R to reset the tracking with the touch pad. Doing this would reset the pointer on the phone to the top-middle of the screen, but would still not allow me to scroll down using the Redfly. Keep in mind that this phone is NOT listed on the supported devices list, so I am not even close to heart-broken over this.

    EMAIL: (4.5/5)
    One thing I appreciate is the ability to utilize the keyboard shortcuts for simple tasks like "More", "Delete", "Reply", et cetera. The Redfly makes reading my email a breeze. As this will be my primary use of my Blackberry, I am very pleased.

    OVERALL: (3/5)
    The average of the scores turns out to be 3 out of a possible 5. Using the Redfly with the Blackberry is just "OK" in my book. Granted it was not originally intended to work with the BB OS, but it still leaves a few things to be desired. The display of the BB screen could be a bit more high res. I would also love to see more functionality in the Browser application. I still use my WM phone for this purpose, so I have every intention to continue using my Redfly. The ease at which I can breeze through my email on my BB is still a huge plus for me, so it is still a "win" situation in my eyes. Just think, I can watch a video on my Redfly from my TP2 via media cable while replying to emails on my BB. Who could ask for a better way to reply to business emails? I'm certainly looking forward to it.

    Thanks again Celio Corp.! Please post some updates!
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    09-15-2010 10:05 PM
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    Hi, I just bought the BlackBerry Bold 9850 also (OS 5). I want to use the C8N, but cannot download the RF Firmware either over the air or via use of the BB Desktop Mgr 5.0. Is there some trick to getting the drivers into the telephone?
    10-12-2010 04:03 PM
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    ...that should be 9650 for the BB Bold, sorry!
    10-12-2010 04:04 PM
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    You have to go to the Mobile download site for the Redfly drivers, not the regular Celio site. Try : http://m.celiocorp.com/

    It's a clunky interface and you had best use the BB as a remote trackball instead of using the Redfly mouse pad. The good news is that while the phone is connected to the peripheral, it is charging, so you don't drain your phone battery. The Redfly is notoriously famous for having a great battery capacity, so that helps.

    Be aware of the tips and tricks page to correlate Redfly keypad to the BB. http://m.celiocorp.com/tips

    Hopefully, Celio will introduce better drivers to enable this peripheral to work better with one of the most popular phone series for business users. I know that some business persons have kept or upgraded their BBs and chunked or resold their Redflys simply because of the marginal compatibility.
    10-13-2010 02:57 PM

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