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    VITO Technology is glad to announce the official forum hosted by WMExperts. This forum is designed to help you find answers to questions about VITO Technology products.

    We're glad to answer all of your questions about our products.

    Should you not be able to find what you’re after? Please email VITO Technology technical support directly support@vitotechnology.com.
    08-16-2009 10:56 PM
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    HI I just wanted to mention some of our products to get this forum started! If you own some, or would like to have more information about compatibility with your device or you have any questions you would like an answer to, please open a discussion here.

    Here the names of some of our best known software: Communication Suite, Winterface (for mobileshell), SMS-Chat, Zoomboard and Fun Contact. Let us know if you need any help or have any curiosities about them.
    08-28-2009 05:58 AM