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    Multiplayer is coming to Chromatic!

    We are nearing completion on a tournament-style multiplayer game mode for Chromatic, one of the top shooters in the Windows Phone marketplace. With the new mode you'll be able to play quick, world-wide games where everyone has the same weapons and powerups and competes to get the highest score. With new games every two-and-half minutes, this is a great way to jump right into the frantic, fast-paced action that makes this game so fun.

    You can check out a gameplay video for Chromatic online mode here:

    We're looking for beta testers who are willing to play at coordinated times: we're going to try our best to get as many people online at once.

    If you're interested send us an email at chromatic@stackpopstudios.com with the live ID that you use on your windows phone. Then make sure and follow us on facebook where we will post more info about scheduled play times!

    As always we're looking for any and all feedback.


    -Chromatic Dev Team

    Email: chromatic@stackpopstudios.com
    Twitter: Chromatic (@ChromaticWP) on Twitter
    Facebook: ChromaticWP | Facebook
    Development Blog: StackPop Studios
    01-16-2012 08:09 PM