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    I am looking for anyone who would be willing to help test my small puzzle game type called "YourSquare". The idea based around controlling a square which is yours. Hence YourSquare!

    I realise that graphically it will be well below-par, but hopefully anybody interested will be able to tell me what they find (or don't find) addictive about it. How difficult/easy it is etc etc.

    The beta includes all 72 levels, and the bonus modes.

    I have linked to some screenshots from the game which I hope is of use:

    If you are interested then either reply in this thread, send me a PM, or email me at: admin@coleapps.com

    I require the email address which is linked to your phone, which is due to the way betas are handled by Microsoft.

    Thank you very much for reading, and I look forward to hearing from some of you.
    If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask :)
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