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    Name: Carmack's Revenge
    Previous name: Deadline - The Final Countdown

    Framework: XNA
    platform: Windows Phone
    Style: Beat'up

    About a new project (Carmack's Revenge)

    The game's script is very simple and almost autobiographical.
    Who works with programming / systems development is always racing against deadlines.
    In this game a determined and fearless programmer enters a day of fury and wants to take it out on someone ...
    ... after several pressure from your manager to complete the project within the deadline;
    As the game has a lot to do with time, each level has time limit. I thought the name "Deadline" ... after that I thought about making a reference to John Carmack.

    Level 1
    Scenario: In the office;
    Enemies: Developers, Analysts
    Boss: The Manager

    Level 2
    Scenario: In the Meeting room and reception room
    Enemies: Enemies previous + Secretary
    Boss: The Director

    Level 3
    Scenario: Famous level of the elevator + Hall Office
    Enemies: Enemies previous + Security Agent
    Boss: The President of the Corporation

    Cut scene:
    The Boss runs off the end of the fight and opens a secret passage in the room ... this time the player discovers that there is evil entities behind the high command of the company,,,

    Level 4
    Scenario: Server Room infested
    Enemies: Enemies previous + Developer Zombie
    Boss: Demon The President of the Corporation

    * Maybe a 5th level would be best to give a final working better ... however this increases the production cost.

    * Suggestions and criticisms are welcome!

    First Video:

    New Video:

    About me
    I am a Brazilian of 27 years, I develop in C # to 7 years.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    Double Jumper was my first game, this new game I wanted to do something with more quality.
    04-26-2012 01:18 PM