06-06-2013 01:10 PM
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    I am currently working on development of a realtime messaging service / client application, called Picit, for the Windows Phone platform, and are looking for interested beta testers. The application runs on both Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8. The private beta testing has already started with a small amount of users. The main idea is that the user can send a receive so called picits (picture messages) with an attached viewing time limit after which the picit disappears from the recipient's phone.

    In case you would be interested in participating in the beta, and / or want more information, feel free to respond to this thread (to be included in beta testing, a Windows Live ID account is required). Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
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    02-11-2013 06:29 AM
  2. beachhoppr's Avatar
    I'm in
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    02-11-2013 06:31 AM
  3. rajkumr's Avatar
    I'm in too!
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    02-11-2013 06:59 AM
  4. aenbacka's Avatar
    I'm in
    Thanks a lot, I would need your live ID to add you to the beta :)
    02-11-2013 11:52 AM
  5. aenbacka's Avatar
    I'm in too!
    Just send me your Live ID, and I will add you :)
    02-11-2013 11:53 AM
  6. Delin95's Avatar
    I'm in too
    02-11-2013 12:10 PM
  7. aenbacka's Avatar
    I'm in too
    Thanks, just send me your Windows Live ID so I can add you to the beta program :)
    02-11-2013 01:20 PM
  8. WindowsPhone8User's Avatar
    Got it. DLing
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    02-11-2013 05:18 PM
  9. rdubmu's Avatar
    I would love too rmutton at outlook!
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    02-11-2013 09:34 PM
  10. Delin95's Avatar
    Thanks, just send me your Windows Live ID so I can add you to the beta program :)
    sent you my windows live account
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    02-12-2013 08:05 AM
  11. aenbacka's Avatar
    sent you my windows live account
    Thank you, I did add you to the beta and sent a download like together with some instructions as private message on this forum :)
    02-12-2013 01:11 PM
  12. Marcos Hidalgo's Avatar
    I want in on this.
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    02-14-2013 01:31 AM
  13. aenbacka's Avatar
    I want in on this.
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    Thanks you. Instructions and link sent as private message.
    02-14-2013 03:55 AM
  14. aenbacka's Avatar
    A new beta version (0.5.5) can now be downloaded from the URL that I provided testers with earlier. This version adds changes to My Picits (sent picits shown), as well as general bug fixes.
    02-18-2013 07:41 AM
  15. casey durkiewicz's Avatar
    im in ive been waiting for an app like this
    02-25-2013 10:29 PM
  16. aenbacka's Avatar
    im in ive been waiting for an app like this
    Send me you Windows Live ID as PM to get it :)
    02-27-2013 02:36 AM
  17. aenbacka's Avatar
    To use Picit to full potential, a large(r) userbase is required. I aim to keep beta period as short as possible (to fix major bugs / issues) after which the app will be published to the public store. The app will include ability to search / add users by username or e-mail address (at some point by optionally looking through the user's contacts), as well as ability to send out invites by e.g., e-mail / sms or similar.
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    02-27-2013 08:12 AM
  18. Cesar Macedo's Avatar
    want in1
    02-27-2013 01:14 PM
  19. Saeedo Sefrini's Avatar
    I'd like to be in as well
    02-27-2013 01:15 PM
  20. mixtnet's Avatar
    Is it cross platform?
    02-27-2013 01:49 PM
  21. aenbacka's Avatar
    Is it cross platform?
    Currently Picit targets the Windows Phone platform (WP7/WP8), but it is possible at a later stage that other platforms might be supported.
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    02-27-2013 02:39 PM
  22. Cesar Macedo's Avatar
    where is the PM??
    02-27-2013 09:07 PM
  23. aenbacka's Avatar

    I have sent all new beta testers info and download link as private message.
    03-03-2013 02:47 AM
  24. luk3ja's Avatar
    I'd love to, messaged you!
    03-03-2013 03:51 AM
  25. luk3ja's Avatar
    does anyone want to share their picit usernames for testing?
    03-03-2013 09:26 AM
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