1. Ilkka Peltola's Avatar
    Getting beta testers to your app is a big hassle in the WP ecosystem.

    We've just launched a service called WP App Vibes to tackle this. It's a very rough version but usable already - and the main points are:
    • In the case of private beta, WP App Vibes will handle applying to your trial, managing the list of LiveID's of your testers and informing them when they can download your app.
    • This helps you promote your app as well, by subtly suggesting your downloaders to share to their Facebook wall.
    • Despite what kind of trial you are running, doing so this way will enable very easy tracking of who has downloaded your app, where are they from and so on.
    • You are obviously interested in feedback, and it will always follow up the downloaders with a simple feedback request. You will get a Net Promoter Score and great insights to improving your app - everything completely automated.
    • This functionality is available by either pointing testers to your trial page on WP App Vibes by a direct URL, or if you want more control, you may also simply embed our widget to your web page or blog.
    • All is completely free.

    If you think this might be useful, please try it: WP App Vibes and let me know of any improvement ideas or any feedback.
    There're probably a lot of bugs as well, so please do report them as well.

    We'll be adding features according to demand.

    Hope this is useful for many!

    03-09-2013 09:18 AM
  2. Ilkka Peltola's Avatar
    There was a critical bug affecting the first sign in for part of new users. That's fixed now - so in case you had problems with that previously - it should now be working. Thanks to Chad for helping me figure it out!
    03-28-2013 12:48 AM

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