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    We're looking for beta testers for ClarusTasks - a powerful task management app based on David Allen's GTD methodology. ClarusTasks has a beautiful design that complements metro and supports light and dark themes

    Some features are listed below:

    • NEXT: The NEXT screen displays the next action to complete, actions that are past due, due today, due tomorrow or due soon. Tasks can also be grouped by project or context.
    • Tile Support: Most screen including NEXT, inbox, flagged, projects and contexts can be pinned to the start page.
    • Capture (to quickly add tasks) with Gesture Support: Tasks can be quickly captured using one of 4 available gestures. Gesture support is also available to quickly go to other pages in the app.
    • Email: All lists (Any/all projects and contexts, inbox, flagged tasks, NEXT) can be sent as a formatted email.
    • Search: ClarusTasks includes comprehensive search capabilities including search by task name, project, context, dates etc.. Also, all searches can be saved.
    • SkyDrive Support: Data can be backed up to and restored from SkyDrive.

    About the beta
    We have tested the code as best as we can. There will however be bugs we don't know about or things we didn't think to implement. We hope to resolve any such issues during the beta. Also, we will be actively adding new features during the beta.

    How long will the beta run?
    We expect the beta to run until further notice.

    What do I get from being a beta tester?
    You will have our undying gratitude. Also, as a beta tester, you will have an opportunity to download a release-to-market version of the app before it costs money.

    How do I sign up for the beta?
    The sign up form for the beta is available here.

    Please go here.
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