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    I'm working on an app that lets you create Binaural Beats / Isochronic Tones and add various sounds - Nature / Environmental / Musical which are either looped or played randomly. If this is something that interests you it would be great if you could help Beta test it. Just message me your Microsoft account email address.
    It looks like I have to get a few testers before I can submit the app as they can't be added without submitting another update.

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    07-30-2013 11:19 AM
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    Thanks for bringing a new app to the attention of the members of WPCentral.

    This looks like an interesting app that a lot of people would find useful.

    Good luck with your app.
    07-30-2013 11:29 AM
  3. 1101x10's Avatar
    Thanks Laura

    The aim of this app is to make it the most functional of its type compared to what is available on other platforms. The first release is not too far off and I have lots of ideas to add to it.
    07-31-2013 03:52 AM
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    Hello my name is Marshall.
    I have some knowledge of brainwave entrainment, as far as the science behind it and I try to use it everyday if I can. I find that it helps me retain info and mental quickness for maximizing sales in my profession/ as well as the therapeutic modalities... Anyways I would like very much to beta test your binaural beat/entrainment maker. (great idea by the way, the apps that are out now are very limited in their customization)

    anyways please contact me at-
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    03-15-2014 05:30 AM
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    Sent you PM
    03-15-2014 05:30 PM

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