02-16-2014 02:01 PM
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    Uh ok thanks :)
    02-14-2014 12:34 PM
  2. altafmahmood's Avatar
    Actually it's not an app problem. All car manufacturers display the real speed minus 5 or 10 % on the odometer. The app shows the real speed.
    I have an Opel Astra and it's the same thing. On the odometer it reads 100 kph but in reality it's 92 kph.

    and there is always some lag due to gps resolution. Hence there is some 5% deviation due to that also.

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    02-15-2014 01:17 AM
  3. hope4wp's Avatar
    I tested again with a different car today....with Toyota Camry!!! And well it was perfect!! Totally love the app :)
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    02-16-2014 02:01 PM
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