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    I've developed my first Windows Phone game based on a fun little card game my cousin created with a great munchkin-esque sense of humor.

    I'll looking for some beta testers, please contact me at jnovak@merlinsoftware.com with the live email address you use with your phone and I'll add you to the beta.

    Some screenshots below and the game story.





    Fool's Joust
    Good man needed. Got stuck with you.

    King Fafnir is getting on in years, and he has no heir. To remedy this, the aged king is searching to find a husband for his daughter, Princess Jezabelle.

    There is only one problem with this, that being that the princess is such a spoiled rotten, cold hearted, ill tempered, foul mouthed, back stabbing wretch of a woman that no good, respectable knight or noble in his right mind would ever consider even thinking about dooming themselves to such a horrible fate. Needless to say, King Fafnir's attempts to find a suitor in the conventional means failed miserably.

    Then he was struck with a flash of inspiration; he declared a that joust tournament be held for all eligible bachelors of certain royal status to participate, the prize for the victor being the Princess Jezabelle's hand in marriage.

    No one signed up.

    Desperate, the king hastily opened the enrollment wide open so that any man in the kingdom may participate in the tournament. The applicants began flowing in. Unfortunately for the king, those who did sign up are not so good, respectable, or in their right mind (or even human for that matter.) But it is too late for the king to do anything about it now, the joust must go on!

    In Fool's Joust, you play one of 32 undesirable suitors in a challenge to best your opponents and emerge victorious as the heir to the kingdom. But before you get all cocky and gloat over your ultimate victory, remember that the unfortunate side-effect of said victory is marriage to the repulsive Princess Jezabelle. May the gods have mercy on your poor, pitiful soul.
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    Sounds interesting sending you an email.
    06-06-2014 07:48 PM
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    Do you have any gameplay screenshots? What kind of game is this and how do you play it?
    06-07-2014 09:17 AM
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    Hello, there should be four screenshots in the original post, not sure why they're not coming through for you? It's a card game where you draw a set of character, lance, and mount cards and use them to go up against a different randomly drawn opponent. Winning a round gets you a reward card, first to 5/6 cards wins the game. Reward cards can have bonuses as well, you can purchase skill cards for new attributes. You can bet each round to gain more gold to buy these cards. Characters have each have a unique ability, and may cards can work together for an increased bonus. The game comes with a tutorial to help explain how to play
    06-07-2014 11:45 AM

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