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    Share to Speech is a Windows Phone version of the Windows 8 app: Share to Speech app for Windows in the Windows Store - it is a text to speech and listen later app that can save your time by listening to the articles while you are doing something else, and it also proved to be a great assistive technology for people with eyesight disabilities.

    You can share a link, text or text document (including from Internet explorer and WP Word and PowerPoint) using Share to Speech and speech will start quickly in the background. If you share a link app intelligently detects the text of the article and clips out unnecessary text.

    Now Speaking list allows you to create a queue of speeches to listen to.

    Owners of Windows 8 app will have additional features - they can share a link from Windows 8 app to phone and in a few minutes the speech will be downloaded in the background and appear when the app starts even if at that point there is no internet connection. Also they can share a link in other way - from this app to the Windows 8 app. This edition will be a free download for owners of the Windows 8 app.

    Other edition will have core features for free, while there will be some in-app purchases to support our work and improve experience.

    For all beta testers, I must add their Microsoft accounts to the list first, they can send me an email to office at labsii dot com.

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