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    I am the creator of XBMC Buddy for Windows, and I'm finishing up a Windows Phone port, and I'm looking for a few testers to play with it.

    What is XBMC Buddy?
    It's an app that forwards internet media streams/links to XBMC devices (you need XBMC to use the app). The app works best as a share target - you bring up some media in another app (e.g. a Youtube clip in Internet Explorer), and share it to XBMC Buddy, which then sends the link to your XBMC device for playback.

    What will you be testing?
    I'd like people to test media from various different websites and apps. Note, though, that I can't add support for apps that aren't designed to share a hyperlink - that's out of my control. I can add support for websites (though not all sites).

    I'd love feedback about what sites/apps do and don't work, what version of XBMC you use (and what device it's on).

    Documentation/help info is in a very rough form at the moment, so I'm not after feedback about that - it's being worked on.
    The app is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 only, and will be linked to the Windows Store version as a universal app once it's released.

    How to register
    Make sure you meet the requirements:
    • Windows Phone 8.1
    • XBMC device
    • Youtube and Vimeo videos only work on XBMC if you have the relevant plugin(s) installed on your XBMC device

    XBMC Buddy is relatively easy to setup, but your XBMC must be set up to work with remote apps and you must enter the relevant settings in the app as well (IP address, etc.)
    Register by EMAIL to support(at)grogansoft(dot)com. I need the email address you use for your Windows Phone account.

    I will only use your email address for the purposes of the beta test (notifying you of updates, store link, responding to feedback). I will be uploading the first beta version within the next 24 hours.
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