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    I made an app named Questie and is in a pre-release beta stage and available for Windows 8.1 only.


    With Questie you can download quests and try to complete all challenges of the quests. There are 6 types of challenges and after reaching the endpoint of a challenge a question is asked.

    Challenge types:

    - Navigate: Navigate with the help of a map.
    - Criss-cross: Navigate by following the direction an arrow points at.
    - Warmer-colder: When Warmer is shown, you navigate in the right direction. Colder shows that your goining in the wrong direction.
    - Blind Map: Navigate with a white map with only the target position on it and your current location.
    - Is it still far?: Navigate by a distance to the target.
    - Where to go?: Just a small hint of the target.

    Question types:

    - Open question
    - Multiple choice
    - Take a picture
    - Draw something
    - Area related question: shows a map with a colored area where you have to find the answer
    - Assignement

    How can you get the download codes for quests?

    Quests are made by quest-administrators who can make quests at the website
    Everyone can be a quest-administrator and send download codes by email to the participants he/she want. Just register on the website and start making your own quests in your own neighbourhood!

    For residents in the neigbourhood of the Central Park in New-York or the Vondelpark in Amsterdam who want to try a quest, send an email to with Central Park or Vondelpark in the subject and I'll send you the code to download the requested quest!

    For residents in Belgium or the Netherlands, send your postal code to the same email adres and I'll make a quest in that postal code area. (Limited availability)

    When you accomplishe the quest, you can upload the results to the website for reviewing it later. See an example of a quest result by clicking here.

    Some screenshots of both the English an Dutch version:

    startup-screen.png startup-screen-help.png

    gps-screen.png gps-screen-help.png

    navigate-start.png navigate-start-explanation.png

    speurtochie-blinde-map.png speurtochie-gebiedsvraag.png

    speurtochie-het-nog-ver.png speurtochie-kaartlezen.png

    speurtochie-kris-kras.png speurtochie-meerkeuze-vraag.png

    speurtochie-tekenen.png speurtochie-warmer-kouder.png
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    Sounds awesome as heck.
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    12-31-2014 09:55 AM

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