09-23-2016 07:44 AM
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  1. m3tv's Avatar
    So i'm a HUGE NHL fan and i love WP, i've had an Android (Galaxy Note 2, LG G2 ect.) I've had the iPhone 5 and 4s but i keep oing back to WP. The thing that bothers me about the OS is the lack of certain key apps, luckily alot of 3rd party developers come through (Rudy Huyn). However, we're lacking an NHL app and i just wanted to make an app that has ALL the same links, stats and articles as the website and Android/iPhone counterparts. I've done that with a WebWrap App with a few extra features, It runs decently on my phone (Blu Win HD) it's only a snapdragon 200 though so it's a bit laggy. I was wondering if you guys would like to beta test it for me. I'm updating it with Push/Text notifications as well as favorite team selection.
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    02-04-2015 06:59 PM
  2. runamuck83's Avatar
    Yes sir!! Sign me up
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    02-04-2015 07:04 PM
  3. m3tv's Avatar
    02-04-2015 07:20 PM
  4. awesomeindeed's Avatar
    I'll test it. Huge, huge, huge hockey fan here, even though my beloved Blackhawks have lost their way as of recently.
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    02-04-2015 07:46 PM
  5. crazycanucks1977's Avatar
    I'll test it for you!! Canucks fan in Vancouver here. Sucks NHL does not have an app yet. I have a 1520
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    02-04-2015 08:04 PM
  6. m3tv's Avatar
    Perfect, glad you're on board! It's an early beta but since all the info comes from the NHL Website it should be fine! Been using it for a few days now
    02-04-2015 10:09 PM
  7. m3tv's Avatar
    Perfect, thanks for the support! It's an early beta but since all the info comes from the NHL Website it should be fine! Been using it for a few days now! Oh and don't worry the Blackhawks will turn it around, they always do
    02-04-2015 10:10 PM
  8. m3tv's Avatar
    Perfect, hopefully i can (somewhat) fill the gap until an NHL app is officially made, the app is based off of the NHL website so you know it's all updated regularly! Here are some screen shotswp_ss_20150204_0003.pngwp_ss_20150204_0004.pngwp_ss_20150204_0005.pngwp_ss_20150204_0006.pngwp_ss_20150204_0007.png
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    02-04-2015 10:48 PM
  9. Liam Wong's Avatar
    I'm also a Canucks fan. I'd love to test it as well!
    02-04-2015 10:54 PM
  10. m3tv's Avatar
    Perfect, i'll tell you what i've told everyone else. Thanks for the support! It's an early beta but since all the info comes from the NHL Website it should be fine! Been using it for a few days now with very few to no issues. I'll (hopefully) be adding in some free Live Streaming, Text/Push Notifications and hopefully will run smoother.
    02-04-2015 11:07 PM
  11. jmshub's Avatar
    Moved to the Beta Testing board.

    I'll help beta test. Go Pens!
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    02-05-2015 09:44 AM
  12. pipe7's Avatar
    Sign me up. Lumia 1020.
    02-05-2015 09:50 AM
  13. m3tv's Avatar
    Perfect! Thank you
    02-05-2015 09:54 AM
  14. matt john2's Avatar
    I would love to even though I'm not really into that sport.
    02-05-2015 01:54 PM
  15. wpfan86's Avatar
    I would also be interested.
    02-05-2015 02:06 PM
  16. Greg Evans1's Avatar
    Me! Go Dallas! Go Detroit! :)
    02-05-2015 02:23 PM
  17. iop777's Avatar
    Count me in. I love hockey and I'd be glad to test it. Running a 1020 with latest os.
    02-05-2015 05:02 PM
  18. m3tv's Avatar
    Perfect, i'll send you a PM.
    02-05-2015 05:10 PM
  19. Mike Majeski's Avatar
    I'd be in for sure!
    02-06-2015 10:55 AM
  20. m3tv's Avatar
    02-06-2015 06:28 PM
  21. Mike Waechter's Avatar
    Me in 😊
    02-06-2015 06:41 PM
  22. m3tv's Avatar
    Awesome, i'll send you a PM. Let me know if you get it because i'm not sure if mine are going through or not!
    02-06-2015 06:51 PM
  23. m3tv's Avatar
    Me in 😊
    Did you receive the PM?
    02-06-2015 08:20 PM
  24. matt john2's Avatar
    Hey man thanks. I'm no developer, how can I install it? Procedures will be appreciated, cheers.
    02-06-2015 11:58 PM
  25. anon(8532178)'s Avatar
    *waves hand* oh oh oh me me San Jose Sharks fan lol smh they're playoff chokers but I love them.
    Using Lumia 1320 Running WP 8.1 Cyan.
    02-07-2015 12:19 AM
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