1. astroXP's Avatar
    So, who's going to try flashing your phone? or if you already have, any 'new, hidden' features?

    Offtopic: Hopefully HTC will now have added the Spanish dictionary/keyboard for the HTC HD7 TM_US :dry
    09-09-2011 01:26 AM
  2. Green Samot's Avatar
    I tried. Couldn't get it to work though. Kept on getting a "Invalid Vendor ID" message.

    XDA forum just gave conflicting advice so I wasn't sure what to do.

    I tried rolling it back to NODO which didn't work but in the process of getting it back to Mango a HTC update from Zune appears to have given me the latest version. I now have the "Help and How to" in the apps section.
    09-12-2011 04:49 AM
  3. danielpaul163's Avatar
    Lol which topic are you discussing !
    09-19-2011 03:24 PM