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    Hey all,

    Not sure what the go is with external links, if this isnt alright, then just delete it.

    But in the past, with creating an app and then having to hunt for Beta Testers and then being able to communicate with those testers during the Beta Period, is a bit of a pain.

    So we have made a site to help developers solve this issue.

    The site is now at the point where it's accepting your beta apps. The service is entirely free to use for developers and consumers and we are currently working on a wp7 app that will hook in with the site along with many more features for the site to help developers communicate with their testers.

    Windows Phone Beta - Home - We are open to any suggestions on how developers may find the service more useful or how it could be improved.

    Good luck with your beta's!
    09-15-2011 12:27 AM