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    Hi fellow WP7 developers,
    I am looking for beta testers to incorporate a online leaderboard service in games. if you are developing games/apps tracking user scores and are interested in incorporating an online leaderboard for them then please give my service a try. I have a WP7 SDK available so it should be relatively easy to set up the service. At the moment it provides daily, weekly and all time user scores.

    In return I will feature your apps on my web page. The service is free and I am looking to actively build out a suite of such value add services for the WP7 and mobile platforms.

    Site is Anishoo Services - Dashboard and you can sign up with your facebook account. Please check out the site and sign up. Use the contact form to report bugs and feature submissions. I am in process of setting up a online forums for the same.
    11-05-2011 06:09 PM