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    hello to you all here at this cool website

    first i whant to say WPcentral thanks for all the beta testers Zombies night out

    we have got over 500 mail for the beta test

    BUT I HAVE ALLWAYS belive that not one game is the only game to do cool stuff

    so i whant to hand out some source code for windows 7 xna,windows phone 7,5 mango, xbox 360 xna

    i runs on all platforms in REACH MODE

    have a look at this video it is a new world record

    and shood give the developers some idears on how to use this

    you can make a lot of action going on the screen

    like you see in this game here , just a sample of possebiliyies for you as a developer

    AND YOU CAN download the source code at Zombies Night Out - Nokia Windows Phone

    allso a beta is comming late this week to you all

    happy coding

    Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is smoked by The Undisputed
    02-14-2012 07:26 PM

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