1. Dirty Mike's Avatar
    Do any of you know what type of game Rainbow Rapture or Penguin is?

    And also where a tutorial can be found to develop a game like this if at all possible?
    05-07-2012 11:01 AM
  2. CommonBlob's Avatar
    Id put it in the platformer category. But the platformer tutorial on msdn is tile based, and these arent.

    Its a simple premise, but you will need to program some simple physics with gravity, then to do it well you will need to generate bezier curves using Math.Sin to get the curved ground.

    Then its a case of building a collision system that looks where you are about to collide and test if you touched the ground and does it match with the player's touch of the screen.

    Its not an easy start.

    In short I would do:

    * Learn how to draw primitives in XNA and apply that to Bezier curves
    * Get the screen to scroll using a 2D Camera (tutorial on create.msdn.com)
    * Get a sphere collision model working with a sprite to collide with the curves
    * Get sphere to accelerate down towards floor when pressing the screen

    Its a lot of work! Sorry I can't point you in the direction of some tutorials though!
    05-10-2012 03:34 PM