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    Hi Devs,

    being a musician, iRealb is an app I'd be using on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it seems the devs are not interested at all in developing for Windows (because they "don't have the time"). I think they'd be open to collaborate with a dev who could port the app to the Windows platform (as suggested from posts in their forum)

    If I was a dev, I'd be jumping on the opportunity, especially with the upcoming launch of Windows 8. The only real competitor to this app on desktop is Band-in-a-box which is butt ugly and super expensive. I think there's a potential for revenue here.

    Anyways, I'm just desperate for someone to do this!
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    I don't have the time! :D

    But I have always liked the idea of creating sheet music on my phone and it play it. Infact, not just sheet music, but guitar tabs specifically.

    Its possible that this is something I could do, although unlikely I would collaborate with these people who already have an app, who knows though.

    Anyway, you are beta testing my app, so you may decide I suck *** and you don't want me anywhere near your beloved sheet music app ;)

    UPDATE: Watched a vid this time and realise its not sheet music, its essentially building chord progressions with 3 or 4 instruments. Well what I said still applies :)
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    FWIW, there's a similar app on iOS which is called "Band Master" but it's nowhere near as smooth.

    Hey if you wish to build your own thing and it's as good as iRealb, I'd be the first guy to purchase it, both on my phone and desktop. Just call it MetroBand or something.

    The great thing is with that app is that the chord generator has most chords imaginable and playback is really accurate and use-able as a practice tool.
    06-13-2012 12:24 PM