1. ChrisSnazell's Avatar
    I've been digging into using SQLite in Metro in Windows 8 and I've run into some limitations on what what we can do with it in a Metro environment.

    Due to SQLite ultimately using Win32 apis to write data back to a file it's constrained to only being able to write to the app's data area which has a number of implications:

    File History won't automatically back up the data. File History doesn't back up Metro app data unless it's stored in a Library, which SQLite can't write to.

    The data can't be roamed automatically via SyDrive since SQLite can't write to anywhere but the App Data area.

    Microsoft's response to this problem seems to be to look blank and then blurt out "cloud" as if it's a panacea to all problems. Writing a custom web service for something I should just be able to dump on SkyDrive & forget about doesn't seem like a good investment of my time.

    07-19-2012 06:45 AM