1. AndyMoscow's Avatar
    Hi all, my name is Andrea and i have a problem.

    Some days ago i bought new mobile Nokia Lumia 610 for my wife (russian) in Italy.

    I bought WP because i also have this system in my smartphone Samsung Omnia W and i was sure that there was all language, inclused russian. Why... because i bought my smartphone in Moscow (russia) and i changed language from russian to italian without problem.

    But from this mobile i can change system language, keyboard language, region language in russian, but i have not russian language in displayed language. Also it's strange because in the screen saver, date it's russian... but menu and everything is italian.

    Some1 can explain how i can put this language? I can download and install from some place? I must go in some Nokia shop and ask about this?

    Please help me because i would like really make happy 100% my wife.

    Thanks all
    09-19-2012 11:08 AM