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    Dear developers,

    If you do not already know, Microsoft has decided that developers can choose an alternative commerce platform to sell their apps on the Windows Phone Store. From that aspect, Lotaris in-appCommerce was launched to be a better and more economical alternative to the default Microsoft commerce solution. *Do note that discovery of your application still goes through the Windows Phone Store. It is only the commerce/payment API that is different.

    Unlike the Microsoft commerce solution, Lotaris in-appCommerce:
    1. Allows you to increase your revenue margin as we take a lower revenue share. We charge a 15% revenue share from the onset as compared to the 30% by Microsoft.
    2. Allows you to have a more comprehensive range of business models. We have monetization features that Microsoft does not (for eg. Subscription), allowing you to cater to your users from various geographical regions
    3. Allows you to have direct access to your users. Which you would not have if you go through Microsoft
    4. Allows you to have a more detailed analytics and reporting system

    In addition, to make the decision to use Lotaris in-appCommerce easier, Lotaris has decided to waive our revenue share for the next 3 months during our Early Release Program, allowing you to keep all 100% of your revenue from the Windows Phone Store

    Please visit App License | App Store for Windows 8 powered by Lotaris for more information. Or check out our video at

    All feedback about our platform and how it can help you will be very welcomed!
    02-28-2013 07:46 AM

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