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    Lotaris in-appCommerce for Windows Developers takes advantage of the fact that Microsoft has decided developers can choose an alternative commerce platform to sell their apps in the Windows Store. Compared to the default Microsoft commerce engine. Lotaris in-appCommerce supports a wider range of flexible business models, provides direct access to apps users and a more detailed analytics and reporting system. All these at a significantly lower revenue share than the 30% required by Microsoft

    Lotaris has launched a new product for Windows developers call Lotaris in-appCommerce which unlike the default Microsoft commerce engine.
    1. Supports a full range of business models including full app purchase, in-app purchase and a whole range of subscription features
    2. Provides direct access to users that have downloaded your applications
    3. Provides developers with more detailed analytics and reporting
    4. Allows you to keep a higher revenue share on your transactions

    On the last point, Lotaris allows developers to truly maximize their revenue on the Windows Store. While Microsoft takes a 30% revenue share of all transactions, Lotaris takes a significantly lower share at 15%.

    And to make the decision to use Lotaris in-appCommerce easier, Lotaris will be waiving its revenue share for the next 90 days. This allows developers to keep all 100% of revenue earned from their apps.


    Process and Benefits of Lotaris in-appCommerce
    *Do note that discovery of your application will still go through the Windows Store.


    Supports all Windows Platforms
    Lotaris in-appCommerce can be used across all current Windows platform, supporting applications on Windows Store (for Windows Pro and RT) and Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone 7 and 8). More importantly, it can also be used for any Windows 7 and 8 desktop software, whether this is feature in the Windows Store catalogue or sold through any other distribution channel like retail, OEMs, mobile operators and online portals.

    Supports multiple business models
    Lotaris in-appCommerce allow developers to offer more comprehensive business models (and the flexibility to change them with ease) to their users as compared to Microsoft including, full app purchase, in-app purchase of virtual items (which includes the virtual item catalogue management), subscription models and free trial/fixed periods. In all business models, a smooth user experience will be provided, with the users identified using their Microsoft ID or Facebook credentials.


    Seamless integration process
    In order to make the integration process a seamless one, Lotaris provides a self-service portal which allows developers to get going with the SDK and configure their monetization parameters, such as business models and pricing. In addition, the Lotaris API has the same specifications as the default Windows Store API, so that an application can easily switch between the two commerce engines, if required.

    Contact us
    For more information, please click here. You would be re-directed to our website where you can register and get all your queries answered. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us at
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    How can you provide direct access to users that have downloaded my apps?
    Where are those information stored and where can I see them?
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