1. rikycaldeira's Avatar
    Hey all,

    Anyone here knows anything about HTTPS support in the SDK? Getting a 404 with WebClient...
    Need to login to an HTTPS site with a valid certificate, any help is appreciated :)

    07-19-2013 08:24 PM
  2. crash1989's Avatar
    this? Technical Note: Windows Phone 7: Basic Authentication over HTTPS. - Ralph Squillace -- Docs, Samples, Docs, Samples.... - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    Using System.Net;
    WebClient client = new WebClient();
    // Handle the response when it comes.
    client.DownloadStringCompleted += new DownloadStringCompletedEventHandler(client_DownloadStringCompleted);

    // Your password; some services will call this a key, or a secret, or something.
    string accountkeyOrPassword = "<account or key or password goes here>";

    // Add the username/accountkeyOrPassword to the Client.Credentials property by creating a new NetworkCredential
    client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("accountKey", accountkeyOrPassword);

    // Handle the response
    client.DownloadStringAsync(new Uri("https://api.datamarket.azure.com/Dat...le%27&$top=100"));
    07-19-2013 09:10 PM
  3. rikycaldeira's Avatar
    Hey, sorry about the late response.
    Thank you for the suggestion, but I don't think it applies to this specific problem (I tried it anyway). I should have elaborated a bit more, I'm sorry.

    I first request the login page from the server (uses JSP) with the WebClient and it presents me with an HTML form with several inputs:

    Filled by the user:

    • login identifier
    • password

    4 hidden inputs with value provided by the server:

    [CODE] <input type="hidden" name="share/key.jsp:KEY" value="3354489429072872906">

    <input type="hidden" name="_portal" value="bes_cartaorefeicao">

    <input type="hidden" name="consumer/jve/c_login.jsp:submit" value="not_empty">

    <input type="hidden" name="page.jsp:page" value="consumer/jve/cartao_refeicao.jsp">

    The form is then linked to an image input to submit the post request.
    From this I must be able to establish a secure channel with the server. It does has a valid certificate (at least it looks like it)

    Any ideas on how to do this?


    07-27-2013 07:01 PM

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