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    Hey guys, I'm trying to learn about app developing for WP here. I can manage a little computer programming. But when it comes to apps I'm not so good, I am a pretty much of a noob. I want to learn ti from the very beginning about this field from online sources. So this is a site I found recently mobile app development. Can I learn from this kind of sources. If you know about any better sources please let me know.
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    08-08-2013 11:40 PM
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    Since you want online sources, Microsoft has a lot of videos online for you to make awesome apps to windows phone platform. I personally have never used codenameone, but if you want to build cross platform I suggest Phonegap.
    You can start by watching the Absolute Beginners series on channel 9 Windows Phone 8 Development for Absolute Beginners | Channel 9
    Next you must go through the design principles of windows phone , it might seem like a good idea to make one app that runs on all platforms but such apps deviate from the general principles and look out of place.

    Personally I watched the this series on channel9 , being from web development and android I was able to catch up pretty fast Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start | Channel 9

    In case you have any queries you can always post here, there is also msdn Phone, stackoverflow.

    A few more sites I follow, .NET Zone | DZone and a few I more I seem to forget.

    Hope this helps.
    08-09-2013 03:00 AM

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