10-25-2013 02:16 PM
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  1. sinime's Avatar
    Oh, progress bar under the spinning gears... is that new?

    And it was only a 31MB file, I did it over my data connection.
    10-14-2013 12:19 PM
  2. david90531's Avatar
    One thing that has bugged me for a while now, I guess since wp7. If you have a long start screen, start from the top and scroll. While it's scrolling, hit the windows key. The momentum that you started doesn't get cancelled by the home key and will continue to scroll down.
    True, and also sometimes scrolling becomes glitchy, if you know what I mean it stops very briefly before scrolling again when your finger swipes

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    10-14-2013 12:20 PM
  3. diplomat696's Avatar
    all updates from gdr2 are still available such as glance etc. I also just setup driving mode and custom tones are an option for all notifications, emails, texts, voicemail etc.
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    10-14-2013 12:20 PM
  4. berty6294's Avatar
    Eh not much happened. A little buggy feeling.
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    10-14-2013 12:21 PM
  5. Parteek Agnihotri's Avatar
    what does this mean
    "you can't revert back to prior OS version"?
    10-14-2013 12:21 PM
  6. diplomat696's Avatar
    theres a hyper link in the email, just tap the link then tap the screen to open it once it comes up that's it, once done go to the link in the app store and download the preview app, close out then check for updates on your phone.
    10-14-2013 12:22 PM
  7. Trevor Jones's Avatar
    Updating my HTC 8X, looking forward to testing this, looks like a solid list of features that'll help out WP8 users. Also I can play around with the dev stuff on my home pc to make some sample apps, which should be fun.
    10-14-2013 12:22 PM
  8. diplomat696's Avatar
    i.e. you cannot downgrade back to gdr2 once you install it.
    10-14-2013 12:22 PM
  9. ssx1000's Avatar
    Update OS-Version for me is 8.0.10512.142
    (firmware didnt change ... as expected)
    So what did change?
    - task manager gets the X button
    - car mode is added to settings (needs bluetooth device to set it up, which I dont have)
    - the orientation lock or auto rotation setting is added to the settings
    - dont actually know if something changed or I didnt see it before but the storage settings have colors in the details list on phone storage or sd-card storage
    - personal ringtones for everything .... sorry forgot to mention ^^

    that's what I saw on the first look through settings ... anything else?

    Edit: anyways - It runs pretty smooth on my ativ s ...
    10-14-2013 12:23 PM
  10. prateekj1993's Avatar
    any idea about the size of the update??
    10-14-2013 12:23 PM
  11. melvintwj's Avatar
    Really hope to get the new tile sizes on the 920. I have a lot of apps pinned to the start and I feel that the new tile size can help organizing the apps better.

    On the spinning gears now, gonna take a little nap and play with GDR3 later :)
    10-14-2013 12:23 PM
  12. david90531's Avatar
    So far so good! Like most ppl I tried out the multitasking first. Would prefer gesture too but I guess the X is doable. Scrolling seems to be smoother :)

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    10-14-2013 12:24 PM
  13. rcasey's Avatar
    I've had spinning gears for about 20 minutes with the progress bar at about 5%... should I be worried?
    10-14-2013 12:24 PM
  14. surya kiran's Avatar
    Not very big..downloaded in few minutes..
    any idea about the size of the update??
    10-14-2013 12:25 PM
  15. MikeSo's Avatar
    Does GDR3 allow customization of vibrate patterns for individual contacts, like it does ring tones?
    10-14-2013 12:26 PM
  16. cckgz4's Avatar
    10-14-2013 12:27 PM
  17. John Balacano's Avatar
    hope you can post some pics !!
    10-14-2013 12:27 PM
  18. Magedo's Avatar
    No, it seems like it's still just ringtones for calls and texts. No vibrate patterns to be seen.
    10-14-2013 12:27 PM
  19. surya kiran's Avatar
    I've had spinning gears for about 20 minutes with the progress bar at about 5%... should I be worried?
    Not really..Mine was also stuck at 5% for about 20 minutes..everthing went on fine later
    10-14-2013 12:27 PM
  20. Mind Synthetic's Avatar
    only available for 1080p screes from what I understand, so 1520, 920 will not support that feature. unless somebody heard otherwise.
    10-14-2013 12:27 PM
  21. hyperthermia's Avatar
    Multitasking with apps closing with x button is nice
    the fluidity and responsiveness was brought to super ultra level
    attaching voice note and contact thru sms. Is that new?
    driving mode confirmed.
    tile resizing to leaked images for 1520 is not possible
    10-14-2013 12:28 PM
  22. VinceGio's Avatar
    And you keep amber?
    10-14-2013 12:29 PM
  23. Chief_Adu's Avatar
    What kind of pictures?
    10-14-2013 12:29 PM
  24. ssx1000's Avatar
    Here are some pics:

    .... more to come ;)
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    10-14-2013 12:29 PM
  25. MikeSo's Avatar
    attaching voice note and contact thru sms. Is that new?
    10-14-2013 12:29 PM
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