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    i just saw a lot of new budding ideas in the windows phone user forums....... i just wanted to make sure the good ones reach windows
    1. Using the wifi to share files like doing it with bluetooth... i heard some android phones has it (not sure) ..but i think it will be faster than bluetooth sharing..... and also multiple music file attachments... as it will be more easier to send a lot of files at once
    vote for this idea here:
    ability to share files through wifi

    2. interactive live tiles in which u can turn on and off bluetooth and other settings and/or to play videos on a big tile or like scrolling through facebook status without opening fb app......... it will definitely increase windows phone's support
    vote for this idea here:
    Interactive Live Tiles

    3. add file manager on windows phone....... well... enough said
    vote for this idea here:
    Add File Manager to Windows Phone

    4. Allow users to store apps & files (mail attachments, internet explorer downloaded files, etc.) on external storage such as microSD.
    vote for this idea here:
    Store apps & attachments on external storage and improve/provide micro SD support

    well , that's about a little of it.... post the ideas u think will be good for the new windows update and be sure to check the ideas(and vote for good ones) at the windows phone and user forums
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    10-16-2013 12:11 PM
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    There some good suggestions in that list, I hope Microsoft take a note at all the idea put forward.
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    12-07-2013 05:34 PM

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