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    Hi you all geeks,

    I own Samsung ATIV S - I8750 and TM899 (unlocked bell's phone). I would like to flash TM899 phone by ROM of I8750 as mentioned here

    Samsung ATIV S I8750 Rom flashing! - xda-developers

    Before I could do the same, want to know:
    1. Has anybody done this, if yes was it a success?
    2. Does the process and guidance mentioned in above link will work for TM899 flash?
    3. Should I download different ROM for TM899 in case to revert flashing, if yes where can I find link?

    I think since hardware specs are same for both phones, I8750 ROM should not be a problem. Also, I have read that Windows phones are boot locked phones, then how I can flash TM899.

    Please suggest.
    12-24-2013 06:17 AM

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