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    Greetings to all developers,
    I'm a recently graduated music producer looking for the opportunity to build a sound design and soundtrack portfolio. I have been writing and mixing electronic music for years and I recently scored the music for an upcoming iOS game called Atmosflares. I want to write the music and create sound effects for your next game.

    For just $5 (through Paypal or Fiverr) I will write you a 1-minute looping song in any electronic or pop-music style!
    If you are interested, please visit my Fiverr profile - create 1 minute of music for your game - fiverr

    You can listen to samples of my work at https://soundcloud.com/loqvst/sets/soundtracks-demos and to the Atmosflares' soundtrack here https://soundcloud.com/loqvst/sets/a...oundtrack-game.

    You can contact me through Fiverr, Soundcloud, or by clicking the e-mail link on my site - User Interface Designer Portfolio - Fernando Lins

    Thank you very much!
    08-11-2014 09:52 AM

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