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    My app was recently promoted in the Red Stripe Deals for free and after the promotion it got really messed up. I submitted an update and the users now get error 80004005 and error c101a7d1 when trying to update. Microsoft support says it is their problem related to WiFi issues and that they should contact the support. I do not really believe that so many users all around the world have WiFi issues at the same time and that is the reason my app will not get updated.

    Users who tried to uninstall and then reinstall the app now have to buy it again and Microsoft says it is ok:

    In regards to users having to pay for the app if they re-install it, this works as designed. If the app was free when it was downloaded and the price changes between the time the consumer re-installs they will be charged whatever the New price is.

    This really sucks, I acquired thousands of new users and all of them are now really angry, starting to give me bad reviews and rating, although is it not my fault.

    Anyone else experienced something similar and knows how to solve it?

    More info about the whole experience at blog.kulman.sk
    08-29-2014 12:40 PM

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