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    Hi everyone. Years ago we started as a Palm OS game development company. Our first official released game was Codex, a unique puzzle word game but it barely sold more than 10 copies in the 6 months. Unable to financially sustain ourselves, we stop all our other projects, released Codex for free, and moved our company away from game development to a different kind of tech business. Surprisingly a month or two later, we have a good review for our game and we had hundreds and hundreds of downloads. But by then it was too late for us to go back and we weren't going to earn any money anyway for a free game. Currently we have a quite successful and stable business and we had many discussions in the past few years about moving back to into the risky but exciting software development industry. We finally decided to do it and our first goal is to port over our Codex game which we loved and still play from time to time on our old Palm devices or on the Palm OS emulator. We also decided that we wish to share this development journey with you. We value your opinions on the choices that we will make. A lot of the decisions that we do make will be based on that our actions will assist beginner developers to start writing their own games. For example, purchasing an expensive development tool to help us speed up the process is out of the question since this avenue may not be available to you. Instead we will use free tools and internally develop some of our own. Whatever libraries or tools that we implement throughout this process will be free and open-sourced to everyone.

    Our old game review:

    Codex (Palm OS) - Download

    We'll officially start development at the beginning of next week but will be doing a lot of preparation in these few days. The first order of the day was to locate the old source code of Codex; both digital and hard copy printout. After hours of searching (because we have a lot of junk), we found the printout. The digital copy will be much harder to locate since we have hundreds and hundreds of archived CDs in our storeroom. However the digital copy is not important as we're only using the code as a reference for some of the complex algorithms that we wrote in the game because the original code was written in C++ but we intend to port over to C#. Meaning we have to practically rewrite all the code anyway.


    Well that's all for now.
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    09-03-2014 06:55 PM
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    Well I just read the review on Softonic, here is a thought - maybe add a dictionary library into the game as this would dramatically increase the word library. For instance the oxford dictionary contains about 170,000 + words in current use and 40,000 something plus obsolete words. (I had to help my kid sister with her English homework lol..).

    Also perhaps make it a universal app if you can so that way you have a wider reach.

    Looking forward to playing the game :) and the progress updates.
    09-10-2014 07:26 PM
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    Any updates?
    02-27-2015 11:03 AM

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