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    Hi I am trying to program an app where I want to use the Facebook APIs. So first I tried to put the login button into it like shown on the official site of Facebook for C#:
    LoginButton Control
    The problem is, this tutorial does not really work for me. First of all, if I write in my main file :
    <!-- login control -->
    ApplicationId="123456789012345" SessionStateChanged="OnSessionStateChanged" />

    "ApplicationId" is not recognized, why? Anyways, I just deleted this part and started the application as stated in the tutorial. I could click the login button, then the IE started with the Facebook login page and could provide my credentials. But the application just stopped there. A popup popped up saying "Do you want to search for an application in the store?". I clicked "no" and the process stopped, didn't returned back from the Facebook login page to the app.
    So my question is, do I make something wrong? Is the tutorial wrong? Are there any more up to date tutorials how to use the Facebook API? After two days, I'm a bit frustrated...
    03-15-2015 04:52 AM

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