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    I've a designer at my core, but I'm interested in furthering my knowledge on developing Windows Apps. My background started in HTML and JavaScript, just enough to be able to communicate with folks that did server-side coding as I worked on the views. I've learned C in a past life so I'm comfortable with syntax and programming concepts; C# was easy to ease into, and I found XAML to be comfortable thanks to my HTML and JavaScript. I've never made anything by myself, full-stack, however.

    I really want to learn how to make a piece of software full stack, not just in the design/view. I understand concepts like MVVM, and I was able to make a Secret Messaging App with implementations of RC4 (CipherSaber, to be specific) and ESTREAM's Rabbit as symmetric stream ciphers, with Spritz used as a hash function and PRNG. However, my "learning" felt very hackish and incorrect, and for some parts it still wasn't clear to me how or why it works as such.

    Any road! Are there any resources that you guys can recommend to further my learning? I prefer material that is project oriented--as in, I'll have a usable thing made at the end of each session, and each session focuses on learning a different concept. I've exhausted my resources in my library (books weren't current, anyways), and I have a hard time judging online sources by quality.
    04-25-2015 08:03 PM

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