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    Apps and GAMES
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    05-07-2015 08:33 PM
  2. ML10's Avatar
    Download touchdevelop. Its a great beginner app for those who want to make games. There's tutorials and all. It teaches you how to code. You can then publish your own code to the touchdevelop community or send to windows store. Touchdevelop is in the WP store and can be accessed online.

    Hope this helps
    05-07-2015 08:41 PM
  3. reddit_storm's Avatar
    One thing that helps is focus. Try to pick one app to make and go for it.
    05-11-2015 10:12 PM
  4. Meteyy's Avatar
    You can start with the simple and popular programming language (C#) and making simple applications. When you will know the basics (OOP) you can try UNITY Engine
    05-12-2015 12:05 PM
  5. riccardo proietti's Avatar
    I suggest you to begin with html5 +javascript. This is very simple language and you can find a lot of samples on internet.
    05-28-2015 09:17 AM
  6. JurePurgar's Avatar
    Maybe you can start with appstudio.windows.com. It's an online based environment.
    06-10-2015 04:56 PM

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