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    I've asked this question on Stack Overflow and he MSDN forums but haven't had a response as of yet. Am asking here in the hope that there are some devs somewhere who might know the answer.

    I recently started developing for Windows Phone 8.1 and have noticed a major issue that I have not been able to find a useful solution to.

    I have noticed that over time when deploying builds from Visual Studio to each of the test devices I have that the System storage slowly begins to fill up. Eventually it gets so bad that I am no longer able to deploy builds to the device. As an example on my 8GB Lumia 430 the current used storage is 7.24GB leaving me with only 46.92GB. Looking at Storage Sense I can see that only 593MB is being used by apps+games (all of these are preinstalled apps) but that the System directory is a whopping 6.61GB!

    From research I have done online the only explanation I have seen for this is that failed app installs can clog up the System directory. The game I am working on porting is particularly large (about 1.4GB) which is probably why I am hitting this issue so frequently.

    So far the only solution I have come across is to do a hard reset on the device. This brings System size down to under 2GB which is the sort of size I would expect. This is however a major pain - Not only do I have to wait ages for the device to reset but I then have to go through the process of unlocking the device again for development.

    Surely there is another method of clearing out failed install files? I feel there must be some utility in Visual Studio or some tool in the Microsft SDKs to do this but I haven't managed to find anything so far. If anyone could provide any further enlightenment on this it would be much appreciated :)

    06-01-2015 05:37 AM

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