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    Could Microsoft be getting ready to release back catalog 360 games for the PC as Windows Store universal apps?

    Given that:
    - Microsoft has laid the technical and possibly legal groundwork for (some) 360 games to work on PCs with the Xbox One backwards compatibility initiative
    - Xbox live is popular and a huge number of people have built significant digital libraries over the Xbox 360 lifespan
    - Steam is a huge roadblock to getting rid of "old style" windows apps, given it's the main store for PC games
    - The Xbox team has hinted something as substantial as Xbox one backwards compatibility is in the pipeline

    This doesn't seem too far fetched, and would help them in several ways:
    - Were they to make the games cross buy, it would give a huge number of people an incentive to use the store right away
    - It could allow Microsoft to better position small form factor PCs as Apple TV competitors. They could even release an Xbox mini of their own for the purpose.
    - It would make Xbox Live way more credible on the PC
    01-12-2016 07:38 AM

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