1. john24ssj's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I am thinking of making an app, but it's only for my phone to send some commands over network to my PC. Upon looking things up it seems that I need a developers account to do so and it costs 14.

    I was wondering if that's only for deploying to the store or do I really need to pay to make an app for my own device?

    Thank you :)
    01-18-2016 05:12 AM
  2. anon(8649566)'s Avatar
    If you're using WP8.1 you'll need a developer account to deploy the app to your phone.

    It may not be needed if you're using a Windows10 mobile as there is an option to select "developer mode" without having a developer account.
    01-28-2016 11:20 PM
  3. Manfred Pohler's Avatar
    Hi I had to pay 99$ when I created my developer account - one more time I had to pay the same for renewal (it was a one year subscription model) - later they expanded to "endless".
    As csharpguy mentioned you don't need one for windows 10 (and mobile) - but with such an account you can unlock a (pretty large) number of devices...
    02-02-2016 12:28 PM
  4. Tom Bradburn's Avatar
    I didn't think you'd need one if it's 8.1, you could use the deployment tool when you install the SDK.
    02-02-2016 06:11 PM
  5. Manfred Pohler's Avatar
    I think the deployment tool checks if the target is "developer unlocked".
    Maybe I'm wrong...
    02-03-2016 03:37 AM

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